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Road to Supper Bowl starts today Packer Nation! Got my smoker going and man cave stocked with Schlitz.
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  • KJordan206
    KJordan206 The elitist sports players have never had a real job, never severed in war and think just because they are good with a ball, we give a damn about there opinion. They talk about unity, but they don't understand the American flag stands for unity. We live i...  more
    September 25, 2017
  • GunnerWis
    GunnerWis Stop watching football!?!?! WTF people. Are you all nuts? That's th most un American thing I can think of. Aaron Godgers and the Packers are going all the way this year. Damn people. What the.../My grandpla would have loved to see that clutch OT win on S...  more
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  • MeoWWW
    MeoWWW maybe Donald Trump should focus on what's going on in Puerto Rico instead of what the NFL is doing.
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  • yaoxuemei
    yaoxuemei yaoxuemei20180111  more
    January 10