Three Different Types of Thickening Equipment

  • During the beneficiation process, the ore particles precipitated from the mud must be dewatered. This is inseparable from Thickening Equipment. Golden Machinery offers the following thickening equipment.

    1. Center drive thick equipment

    Central drive thickeners can be disconnected into baby and medium. When the abundance is small, but needs a assertive adjustment area, the use of the concentrator can abate the attic space, save activity and abate the basic architecture cost. In contempo years, two-layer and three-layer abrasion thickeners accept been broadly acclimated in abounding cyanide plants in China. Both concentrators accept the aforementioned anatomy and dewatering aftereffect as the multi-layer axial drive concentrator, with a set of ablution tanks beside the concentrator and a set of ablution tubes in the concentrator.

    2. Peripheral transmission thickening equipment

    Large thickeners typically use a peripheral drive type. The advantages of the peripheral drive concentrator are: simple equipment, convenient operation and maintenance, and low power consumption. However, its disadvantages are large footprint and low processing power.

    3. Belt sludge concentration equipment

    The working principle of the belt sludge dewatering device is that the water in the sludge passes through the gap of the filter medium under the action of gravity and external force, leaving solid impurities. The commonly used dewatering equipment is divided into cylindrical vacuum dehydration, disc dehydration, vacuum horizontal dewatering equipment, belt type filter press dewatering equipment, ordinary plate type filter press dewatering equipment and van type dewatering equipment. The belt type filter press dewatering equipment is mainly used for processing difficult-to-select fine-grain materials, such as fine flotation products or mud, sludge and the like.

    You need to choose thicker equipment according to your actual situation.For more information on mineral processing equipment, you can click Classifying Equipment