Main Structure Characteristics of Rice Polisher Machine

  • Rice has become brown rice after husking. The brown rice removes most of the cortex and a part of the embryo and becomes rice. The surface of the white rice has a small amount of tantalum powder, which affects the appearance quality, storage and the taste of the rice. This part of the powder needs to be removed by Rice Polisher(LIANGGONG). Polishing is one of the key processes in the processing of clean rice. Since polishing can remove the powder on the surface of the rice grain, proper polishing can make the surface of the rice grain gelatinize and present a certain brightness. At present, the most used rice polisher machine.

    The main structure of various types of rice polisher machine is similar, mainly consisting of sprayed water part, polished part, water supply system and air blowing mechanism. Feeding device and discharging device are also important devices of various types of rice polisher machine.

    1. Spraying water part: The sprayed water part is composed of a nozzle, a nozzle cleaner, a water mixer, a feeding screw, a stirring roller, etc. When the material passes through the flow meter, the flow rate is measured, thereby controlling the amount of water added.

    2. Polishing part: The polishing part is the core part of the rice polisher machine, which consists of a feeding spiral, a polishing roll, an octagonal screen cylinder composed of eight rice sieves, and a discharge pressure gate. The polishing roller is divided into iron roller and sand roller according to the material properties. It should be clear that the wire roller speed is higher than the iron roller linear velocity (the iron roller linear velocity is about 5m/s, the polishing pressure is high, and the average value is 0.1MPa). The line speed of the sanding roller is about 15m/s, and the polishing pressure is low, and the average value is 0.02MPa).

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