Read the bedding fabrics on the market

  • Bedding has always been a hot market and a necessity for people's lives. function mattress fabric are also constantly innovating, striving to exceed consumer expectations.

    Fabric refers to the fabric used to make the finished surface in bedding. In addition to the inherent quality requirements, the requirements for fabrics must also have a good appearance. The tear strength, abrasion resistance, hygroscopicity and hand feel of the face cloth should be good. The shrinkage rate is controlled within 1%, and the color fastness is controlled. Fabrics that meet national standards can be used. So what are the common bedding fabrics?

    The traditional fabrics used in traditional bedding in our country are relatively simple, only woollen cotton, silk and satin. In the mid-eighties, the treads were raised, and the fabrics were mostly made of acrylic and polyester cotton. Until the early 1990s, the combed cotton fabric was small. In batches, today, expensive cotton fabrics such as satin, jacquard and yarn-dyed have become popular and become the mainstream of the market.

    The fabric used for bedding should be pure cotton or silk cotton. Because pure cotton or silk cotton fabric is natural fiber, it is soft and absorbent. It is not easy to generate static electricity. It has no irritation to the skin and is beneficial to the human body. It has good hygroscopicity. Breathable, taking good performance, making people feel comfortable.

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