A healthy mattress that relieves soreness in the lower back

  • If you have an elderly person with lumbar injuries or lumbar disease, you can choose the right mattress to relieve the pain in the lower back and provide an adjuvant treatment for lumbar disease. Therefore, the choice of mattress also facilitates the repair of the spine. If the mattress does not conform to the curve of the human spine, causing people to sleep unsteadily and constantly turning over and unable to enter deep sleep, daytime fatigue cannot be eliminated.

    Common function mattress fabric type

    (1) Resting on a hard bed is the basic principle for the treatment of lumbar disc herniation. For example, when resting on a hard bed, combined with traction therapy, it can increase the intervertebral space and cause negative pressure on the intervertebral disc, which is beneficial to the outstanding disc return, and the curative effect is better.

    (2) Lay a soft or hard mattress or sponge mattress of appropriate thickness on the bed to ensure adequate bed rest, minimizing or relieving the contraction, tension and cramps of the lumbar muscles. (Chinese printing Chun Yafang mattress fabirc supplier)

    (3) Full brown mattress, the whole brown mattress is harder and more suitable for the elderly. This brown mattress has excellent support and stability to relieve the symptoms of waist discomfort. Older people are also more likely to turn over, zero mute interference, and promote deep sleep.

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