Choose a mattress, do you still care about nothing?

  • Some people have said that the meaning of this life is scored in two parts, that is, dividing our life into two, half of which is referred to as "Running", which refers to our life of hard work; the other half is referred to as "Bed", this is not difficult to understand, because each of us will spend one-third of our life in bed. It is called "bed" because people need a moderate rest before they engage in any activities, and they must recharge their batteries.

    The seemingly inconspicuous mattress is actually the "land of pleasure" of bacteria.

    Most people never pay attention to the replacement of the mattress. They think that the mattress can sleep and buy a mattress. If it is not broken, it will not be replaced. In fact, like a toothbrush, it needs to be replaced at regular intervals. However, people can see that the new clothes of the new mobile phone can be replaced without hesitation, but they are spent on the mattress!

    According to relevant reports, 50% of people will change their mattresses, while consumers who use mattresses for more than 10 years account for 19%, and 5 to 10 years account for 29%. The proportion of 3 to 5 years is 19%. It can be seen that most people do not change the mattress regularly, but only when the mattress is broken. Long-term use of mattresses that are not replaced or cleaned is a hotbed of mites, bacteria, fungi, molds, and may induce various infectious diseases and skin diseases.

    Aphids are prone to breed in a warm environment and feed on human dandering scum, which can also be transmitted by humans. The data show that the current adult mites infection rate is as high as 97%, and 80%-90% of infants and young children asthma is caused by aphids.

    The existence of locusts is a safety hazard. Except for the long-term strategy, persistence is the last word. The sheets are not changed for a long time, they will be dirty, and you will take the initiative to clean them. But the mattress underneath is often overlooked.

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