Rongli mattress is smart and comfortable, and supports private

  • Rongli's function mattress fabric have stepped up the pace of research and development, and have been involved in a variety of international leading technologies, and strive to find tailor-made smart comfort mattresses for you.

    Whether you prefer a very sturdy or luxurious luxury mattress, you can use a mattress model to meet your comfort needs. In addition, each mattress has an adjustable base compatibility for a fully customizable sleep experience.

    Rongli's revolutionary technology combines the best in comfort innovation with our state-of-the-art coil support system.

    For the first time, gel memory foam is combined with an advanced independent winding coil support system. This allows the sleep system to have intelligent hug and cooling comfort on the sleeping surface and provide excellent personal support for each sleeping partner.

    The gel memory foam combines the cooling feel and support of the gel. Coil Individual Wrap and Coil Wrap Support System The advanced internal spring system is designed to provide separate support for each sleeper.

    Rongli mattresses offer consumers a wide range of options, so you can find the comfort level and support level that suits you best. Choose from four different styles, with a unique feel, from the seat cushion to the luxurious plush. Whether you choose an adjustable foundation or a traditional foundation, your mattress is beautifully finished with a modern and custom look.

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