The advantages of sandwich mattress fabric

  • The Sandwich Fabric  is hailed as “the revolution in soft-filling materials in the 21st century”. Compared to other traditional mattresses, 3D mattresses have five advantages:

    1. Environmental protection: 100% polyester material, non-toxic and odorless, with high environmental standards.
    2. antibacterial and mites: mesh structure, has a superior breathable and heat-permeable, not susceptible to moisture breeding bacteria, mildew.
    3. the whole body can be washed: can be cleaned, easy to clean, can effectively remove odor and dirt, leaving no bacteria breeding ground.
    4. breathable: 3D material is a six-sided breathable hollow three-dimensional structure, excellent breathability can protect the skin from liquid and particulate pollution, so that the skin is breathable.
    5. good comfort: each bed (1.8 * 2m) has up to 4 million support points in the support of the human body, the density is 800 times the spring, effectively release the cervical vertebra pressure, support to every point, extend deep sleep, Give the body the most intensive protection.
    6. good support: according to the pressure of the unit area, provide a suitable resilience, so that the human body is in a state of complete relaxation.

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