Parents must pay attention to the child's mattress maintenance

  • In fact, the maintenance of the mattress is also very important, a good mattress can protect the child's physical and mental development, here tell you how to maintain the children's mattress, let's learn together.
    1, children's mattress handling do not fold
    Excessive bending can damage the internal spring system. When you pass the door, you can bend the mattress slightly instead of over-folding. When laying the sheet, be careful not to bend the corners of the mattress.
    2, periodically flip the mattress
    It is recommended to periodically change the direction of the mattress to maintain comfort. The mattress contains multiple layers of inner pad for extended comfort and enhanced support. For new mattresses, there is often a human body indentation, which indicates that the upper cushion is in a comfortable fit. To reduce body indentation, occasionally change the orientation of the mattress during the life of the mattress. For oversized spring mattresses, there is also a design that is free of flipping, which is very practical for a family with a single body.
    3, create a comfortable indoor environment
    Choose thick curtains and don't let light pass through the doors and windows. Room temperature of 18 degrees Celsius is most suitable. Have a meeting window before going to bed, and close the window when you sleep. By ventilation, not only will the unhealthy substances in the bedroom be removed from the room, but also the carbon dioxide that we exhale during sleep will be discharged outside. These exhaust gases will directly affect your sleep quality.
    Cleaning of children's mattresses
    1. Get up in the morning and pick up the sheets for a few hours to let the mattress breathe.
    2. Gently sweep the mattress around with a soft brush to remove the floating soil.
    3. Do not use a vacuum cleaner. The dust inside the mattress is generally not able to penetrate the surface gasket material and be sucked out.
    4, the use of mattress covers is a simple and effective method, regular cleaning to maintain hygiene.
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