The development prospect of knitted jacquard mattress fabric is

  • With the increase in people's demand, the development prospects of knitted jacquard mattress fabric are very optimistic.

    The high quality mattress can provide good conditions for comfortable sleep. The mattress fabric covering the upper layer of the mattress directly affects the quality of the mattress. At the same time, the mattress fabric is in close contact with the human body, and the quality of the mattress fabric is particularly important.

    The mattress fabric requires beautiful flower shape, good shape retention and coating property, strong concavo-convex feeling, strong force, can withstand certain pulling force, anti-breaking and tear resistance, good moisture absorption and ventilation performance, etc. . The weft-knitted mattress fabric has good transverse and longitudinal elasticity, soft handfeel, wide width, strong concavity and convexity, good air permeability, easy cleaning, and many varieties of specifications, and the future development potential is huge.

    At present, the weft-knitted mattresses on the market are mainly small jacquards. It is also a good product development direction to use the double-sided jacquard machine to design and develop some more fashionable and small fresh flowers and to explore the baby bedding market.

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