Why do people like to use sandwich fabrics so much?

  • Sandwich Fabric are rich in color, well-matched, sporty, elastic, and relatively perfect for dealing with breathable and windproof, waterproof, warm and other issues have been liked by people, but what is the sandwich fabric?

    The sandwich fabric is a fabric composed of a warp knitting machine. The sandwich fabric consists of three faces: upper, middle and lower. The outer surface is generally mesh planning. The central layer is the MOLO yarn that connects the outer surface and the bottom surface. The bottom surface is generally a densely woven flat surface, commonly known as a "sandwich". There is a dense mesh under the fabric, so that the outer mesh is not too deformed, which enhances the fastness and color of the fabric. The mesh effect makes the fabric more modern and sporty.

    It is made of high-molecular fiber and is woven by precision machine. It is durable and belongs to the warp knitted brim.

    There are many factors affecting the warmth of the sandwich fabric. The thickness, the looseness and the stop air content are summarized first. Generally, the more air that the fabric includes, the better the warmth is. Therefore, we specially use this type of sandwich air layer in the development of fabrics. Due to its special structure, it contains more air to stop the fabric to make it warm. Excellent insulation and thermal insulation in the case of ensuring breathability.

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