Air layer fabric for functional fabrics

  • Nowadays more and more Functional Fabrics have been developed on the market, bringing a lot of convenience to human life. Today we will talk about some knowledge about air layer fabrics.

    What is the air layer fabric?
    The air layer fabric is a kind of functional fabric. The cotton fabric is soaked in a chemical solution. After soaking, the surface of the fabric is covered with numerous fine hairs, which can form a very thin air on the surface of the fabric. The layer is also stitched together for two different fabrics, and the gap existing in the middle is also called the air layer.
    The air layer material is polyester, polyester spandex, polyester cotton spandex and the like. Air layer fabrics are more and more popular among consumers at home and abroad. Like sandwich mesh fabrics, more products are used.

    What are the benefits of air layer fabrics?
    First, the warmth of the air layer fabric is particularly prominent. Through the structural design, the inner, middle and outer fabric structures are used to form an air interlayer in the fabric, and the middle layer is made of a fluffy and elastic filling yarn to form a still air layer for optimal warmth.
    Second, the air layer fabric is not easy to produce wrinkles, with strong moisture absorption / (water) sweat - this is also the unique three-layer structure of the air layer fabric, the middle gap is large, the surface is pure cotton fabric, so there is the effect of water and water lock.
    Third, the elasticity is good, the hand feels fluffy, because the warp and weft woven weave method used in the air layer fabric is better than the knitted fabric weaving.
    Fourth, there are fewer points, the air layer fabric is made of three fabrics in the middle, the middle and the outer, compared to the fabrics that result in less fabric.

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