Knitted jacquard mattress fabrics are highly sought after

  • Knitted jacquard mattress fabric are now widely sought after by consumers in the mattress market.

    Mattresses are now an integral part of people's daily lives. A good mattress, restless sleep, relax. A bad mattress affects sleep and can cause damage to the body. So, how to choose a mattress, how to choose the mattress that suits you, most consumers are not aware of it. Next, Rongli takes you into the mattress production workshop to learn more about the mattress!
    We first came to the fabric processing workshop! The fabric of the mattress is mainly composed of cloth and sponge. The fabric is the outer layer of the mattress, which determines the feel of the mattress and the comfort of the surface! Cheap mattresses mainly use chemical fiber fabrics, which are easy to static electricity. The mid-to-high-end mattresses are made of knitted jacquard mattress fabrics for a better feel. There are also cashmere fabrics, 3D fabrics, etc., which will feel better.
    As a first-class manufacturer of ordinary Chinese knit jacquard machines and a supplier of ordinary knit jacquard machines, Rongli integrates the design, production, development and sales of mattresses and home textiles, and imports advanced wave machines from West Germany and Italy.
    Our company produces jacquard, printing, dyeing and color fabrics, knitted mattresses, woven materials, thermal transfer materials in a stylish style and a wide variety. Knitting weaves and prints are widely used in the manufacture of mats, mattresses, pillowcases, sofas and thermal transfer printing fabrics.
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