Process design flow for knitting jacquard mattress

  • The production of knitted jacquard mattress fabric requires multiple processes to produce a variety of patterns. Need professional craft design, and then start making.

    The process design includes floral design, tissue design and weaving parameter settings.

    1. The pattern design is mainly to select the appropriate pattern for processing to import CAD process design software.

    2. The organization design refers to the jacquard part to be edged, the non-jam part to lay the connection point (optional), the whole pattern is filled with color blocks, which is mainly used to set the effect of the fabric surface, which is equivalent to the artwork.

    3. The weaving setting is to assign different color patches of each line in the design pattern to different knitting instructions in the same pattern row. Both the syringe portion and the dial portion can select the color block code according to the jacquard pattern or the color block filling effect, such as twill, sesame dots, and solid color effects.

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