Pet Preform Crusher Became Popular

  • At present, China's Pet Preform crusher (PET bottle washer) machinery market has become a hot spot for international equipment manufacturers. Due to the faster upgrade of the crushing equipment, especially the small crushing life is only three or five years, the annual domestic crushing demand is about to be broken. A total of 20% provides a powerful impetus for the rapid development of crushing equipment.
    The pulverization effect can be said to be the most obvious advantage of the jet mill, but at the same time, the disadvantages of high cost, high energy consumption, equipment wear and the like have always been the mainstream weakness of the jet mill. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the technical level of the industry, the product quality and performance have been significantly improved, and the market prospect is broad.
    At present, the main goal of the international development of the crushing industry is to increase the fineness, increase the output, and expand the application range, such as the development and application of fiber breakage, hardness, toughness, viscosity and elastic materials. . The gas environment of the crusher is also manufactured by many foreign manufacturers. The focus of corporate attention.
    In general, the PET plastic bottle pulverizer can pulverize the product very finely compared to ordinary mechanical ultrafine pulverization, and has a narrow particle size distribution, that is, a more uniform particle size. Since the gas at the time of nozzle expansion can be cooled and the pulverization process is independent of heat, the pulverization temperature is very low. This feature is particularly important for ultra-fine melting of low melting point and heat sensitive materials.
    There are several types of industrial applications for jet mills in China: flat jet mills, fluidized beds on jet mills, circulating tube jet mills, jet jet mills and target jet mills. This type of jet mill is more widely used in flat jet mills, fluidized bed jet mills and circulating tubular jet mills.
    However, PET plastic bottle pulverizers (PET bottle cleaning lines) have energy consumption and serious equipment wear problems when crushing materials, especially high-strength materials. The main countries in the world of crushing machinery production are Japan and Germany. Only Japan has hundreds of shredders with amazing annual production capacity, strong product packaging capacity, wide application range, and technical advantages that cannot be compared with jet mills. And has always been in the leading position in R&D and production. Domestic companies have already created tremendous pressure. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of the level of China Plastic Cap Manufacturers, the production technology of jet mills and equipment has made great progress, and it has basically become the dominant domestic market, and the industry development prospects are optimistic.
    Grinders have a wide range of applications and broad market prospects. At present, China has entered the ranks of broken production countries, and its products are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Africa and Oceania. It has become an inevitable trend of participating in international market competition.