China Plastic Cap Manufacturers Choose The Material That Suits

  • Material selection plays an important role in almost every aspect of the Pet Preform injection molding process, so it is important not to overlook this step. Here, we'll take a look at the “reasons” of material selection—how it affects your product and manufacturing process—and “what”—meaning you'll know some of the most common plastic injection molding materials, they Quality and functionality.
    “Why is material selection important for plastic injection molding?” The simple answer to the question is: “This is what we just mentioned – it affects almost every aspect of the product development process. For example:
    final result
    The materials you use play an important role in the final function and performance of the product itself: by choosing the wrong material, your product may not work properly. More flexible materials are not suitable for functions that require rigidity and strength. More importantly, non-food grade or medical grade materials can pose real health hazards and risks if used for food or medical functions.
    Plastic injection molding process
    Different materials have different qualities and play a role in the manufacturing process, such as melting point, cooling point and viscosity. More complex molds may require a material that better covers all areas, and different melting points and cooling points help to avoid problems such as sinks and voids in the product.
    plastic ball
    Knowing the requirements of a specific injection molding process (such as mold design and complexity), as well as the requirements of the final product, can help you choose the material of the required quality at the lowest possible cost. Don't pay extra for material aspects and features that you don't need.
    Now that you know a few areas where material choices are different, the following list can be a good reference point for factors you should consider:
    Hardness tester (or hardness and flexibility)
    Heat resistance
    Melting point
    Cooling point
    Cooling time
    Thermoset plastics and thermoplastics (thermosetting plastics harden when heated, and remain rigid even when heated again. Thermoplastics harden when cooled, and soften or melt when heated again.)
    Ability to add colorants if needed
    Reactivity with other materials
    Food grade, medical grade or other specification requirements
    A reliable China Plastic Cap Manufacturers can fully consider the above factors, and also consider the customer's own needs, choose the right materials for the customer, and bring you satisfactory products.