Pet Preform Manufacturers Focus On Designing Mold Cooling Syste

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    Over the years, Jilian has become more and more powerful and has gained a higher reputation in the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry. We have a dedicated product design and injection mold design team, here we give you some information about the design of the injection mold cooling system.
    Plastic injection mold cooling system design principles:
    Plastic injection mold - the more cooling water holes, the better. Its aperture is as large as possible;
    Plastic injection mold - the distance between the cooling water hole and the surface of the cavity is equal;
    Injection Molding - Enhanced cooling at the gate:
    Plastic injection mold - reduce the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water;
    Plastic injection mold - cooling water hole to avoid fusion bonding;
    Plastic injection mold - easy to clean and process
    Plastic injection mold - reliable sealing.
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