Black Burn Problem Of Pet Bottle Mould

  • For injection of Pet Bottle Mould, this is one of the most common molding problems for black burn plastic parts, and even the most difficult to adjust with plastic injection molding parameters. This seems to be a defect in plastic molds. But in order to make plastic molds successful, how to avoid this exhaust problem?
    If you want to solve the problem of plastic mold exhaust, then you need to start with plastic injection mold design. For example, for a plastic crate mold, most of the ventilation will occur in the plastic crate handle area because this area is the last material fill area where the two types of material will melt. If you don't have the venting feature on the mold, this area on the plastic crates can easily burn and rupture. So usually on the crate mold, this area will be designed as a blank insert, sometimes with a marker insert to help the air out.
    This is just a partial solution to the problem of plastic mold venting. Jilian Plastics is specialized in the production of Pet Preforms molds. If you want to buy plastic injection molds, please feel free to contact us.