Cooling System Plays An Important Role In Pet Preform Mould

  • The Pet Preform Mould cooling system includes a mold temperature controller, cooling water, and mold heating components. Good mold cooling system design plays an important role in mold design.
    When it comes to mold cooling systems, we should consider some references.
    1) The diameter and spacing of the cooling tubes. If the diameter of the cooling system is 1, the maximum spacing between the tubes can be 5. If the thickness is too thick, the spacing should be shortened.
    2) In order to keep the temperature uniform, the cooling water should enter the mold from the high temperature part and then be discharged from the low temperature part.
    3) The cooling tube should be placed along the contour of the molding space as much as possible to ensure a uniform distribution of the mold temperature.
    4) The cooling water can not be stagnant when it flows, otherwise it will affect the cooling effect of the mold.
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