Two-Color Injection Mold For Pet Preforms

  • The two-color injection mold is more suitable for the Pet Preforms industry. Jilian mold provides high quality two-color injection molds for different customers around the world, different types of two-color injection molding or overmolding molds.
    Jilian Plastic has a strong design team and has strong design capabilities for various two-color injection molds, such as two-color molds with rotary injection molding machines, or molds with turntable systems, usually used in two-color cups, two-color toothbrushes, and two-color helmets. , two-color stool, two-color basket, etc...
    I like to classify two-color injection molds into three types.
    1) Two-color mold with rotary injection molding machine
    Two-color injection mold
    Because the mold must be run on a double injection molding machine with an ear plate, the mold is close to the two cavities and cores in one mold, in fact it is close to the two molds, and the cavity is separated by a separate injection screw and nozzle to achieve Two plastic injections.
    2) Two-color mold with turntable system
    Double injection molding
    Because the mold itself has a turntable system, which means that the mold can be rotated mechanically, the injection molding machine can be used without a turntable, but requires two sets of screws and nozzles for different materials.
    3) Overmolding
    Although the two molds and the two injection molding machines are separated to achieve a two-color injection molding process.
    We will study more about the injection of two-color injection Pet Preform Mould and machines, and then share them here, you can contact me with any questions.