Jilian Mold Pet Preform Mould Production Line

  • Jilian Plastics has the natural technology of the packaging project R&D team, has extensive experience in the entire production line, and successfully supplies Pet Preform Mould production lines and bottle execution production line projects for large packaging companies.
    Through the requirements of the customer's production requirements and production mode, the company's project development team provides customers with a complete set of production line equipment investment plans in the shortest possible time.
    Plastic bottle production line equipment includes:
    1. High-quality plastic bottle mould, made of S136 stainless steel, has an extraordinary life, fast and efficient cooling water pipe, and is formed in the shortest cycle.
    2. With 5H high-speed injection molding machine, it has high-speed, high-efficiency, high-precision injection molding, as well as high stability and high safety mode, and is equipped with a full set of auxiliary equipment.
    3. Supply automatic high-speed plastic bottle cutting machine, plastic bottle forming machine, plastic bottle folding machine and so on.
    Therefore, we are not only the production and supplier of high-quality Pet Preforms molds, we also provide a full range of equipment to fully meet the needs of all aspects, and also enable our brand to win the trust and love of more customers.