Looking For Factors For Pet Preform Manufacturers To Consider

  • Obtaining a Pet Preform Mould offer is the first step in determining feasibility; however, some questions should be answered before providing an accurate quote. Here are five questions you should be able to answer:
    Is there a quotation for CAD drawings and/or part samples?

    In order to begin to form an accurate quote, the molder needs to know what you are asking them to do. Detailed dimensional drawings provide information on part size and complexity. Samples or prototypes can help molders begin to determine how to maximize manufacturability.
    What is this part going to do? Does the part face chemical or environmental problems?

    The injection mold you are using needs to know the end use of the part. This interpretation will help the manufacturer determine how strong the part needs to be and how much it will wear over time. The information you provide will help your mold make recommendations for the resin and/or additives required for the project.
    What quantity is needed?

    Not all injection molds are the same. If you are interested in smaller quantities or shorter production cycles, aluminum molds may be the best choice. If your project requires a lot of production over a longer period of time, hardened stainless steel molds will be the best choice. The upfront cost of the latter option is much higher; however, it pays for itself throughout the life of the tool. High-volume precision molds such as Jilian molds specialize in the production of construction tools made of hardened stainless steel.
    What is the size and complexity of the part?

    Although many plastic parts are manufactured by injection molding, there are other molding processes that can be used to make parts. You can read about them in a related article. In short, smaller, more complex parts are ideal for injection molding. Larger parts can be produced by injection molding or compression molding. Very large parts are suitable for rotational molding, while hollow objects, such as bottles, are made by blow molding.

    What type of polymer or resin does the part need?

    You may need to do some preliminary fact-finding, but knowing the type of plastic material you think is best for your project will provide a starting point for the mold. In the long run, qualified molders will recommend resins and/or additives that they believe will provide the best results.

    If your project requires a Pet Preform Manufacturers, you will need to do some homework before you can get an accurate quote. By answering these five questions, you should be able to build mutually beneficial supplier contacts soon, which will help drive your project forward.