UHT Milk Machine Uses Hygienic Sterility

  • Milking management is one of the most important and key activities in the Milk Production Line. Early milking attempts involve multiple methods. Around 380 BC, the Egyptians, together with traditional manual milking, inserted straw into the nipple of the cow; in 1851, suction was first used as the basis for mechanized harvesting of milk, although these attempts were not entirely successful.
    Around the 1890s, Alexander Hill of Glasgow, Scotland, developed a pulsator that alternates the level of suction, successfully massages the nipple and extracts milk. With the development of the double-chamber nipple cup in 1892, this device caused the milking machine to replace manual milking.
    The milking machine is unique because it is one of the few machines that regularly contact farm animals. Modern milking machines are able to milk quickly and efficiently without harming the breasts. The milking machine works by mimicking the sucking of the calf. The milking machine opens the stripe tube by using a vacuum, allowing the milk to flow out and preventing blood and lymphatic congestion in the nipple.
    The milking machine keeps the milk closed and safe from external contamination. Therefore, the “milk contact” surface inside the machine should be kept clean by regular cleaning. For the proper functioning of the machine, it is important to ensure that these machines are properly installed and maintained under good operating conditions.
    In the complete milk production, in addition to maintaining hygiene and health during milking, UHT Milk Machine can not be used less, only to ensure the sterility and hygiene of the whole process, can bring health to the consumers Delicious milk drink.