Improve the excellent equipment of the juice production line

  • The filling machine not only needs to fill juice, milk and shampoo. They need to be fast, reliable and affordable every day. Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. provides you with the professional equipment you need, not only to help you in the efficiency of filling, but also our Milk Powder Making Machine can be quickly converted, easy to clean, and improve overall profitability due to its efficiency.
    Can your current filling technology meet these high standards? If not, you should consider some new padding improvements. The following items are designed to increase your company's profits.
    Vacuum tool
    Product gifts are not necessarily facts in life! Vacuum tools allow you to increase profitability by cutting the product flow cleanly to avoid unnecessary confusion, product loss, and more. This technique means you no longer have to endure the dripping or stringing between each rotation, forgetting the powder filling.
    The vacuum tool works using a central funnel placed inside the external vacuum funnel. The system together prevents the product from flowing through the screen.
    Quick disconnect
    Have you ever struggled with the screws that are determined to remain motionless, where are they? This quick-disconnect screw technology is a sliding key that is similar to quick disconnects on drill bits and other hardware tools. You can use this screw to quickly remove the auger and clean it thoroughly, or you can use the switch screw to accommodate the new product setup.
    Separating hopper
    If you ever need to work in a hopper to clean or replace, then you know this is a painful job. Jimei offers a design that provides pressure-free access to the most important parts of the machine. With it, you can clean without any effort, quickly carry out the necessary repairs and continue your day.
    Because the hopper is made of FDA-compliant food grade materials, it is lightweight, easy to install, versatile and safe.
    Excellent filling technology can change the entire Juice Production Line process, I believe that Jimei will be your best partner to increase factory output.