Jimei Company Specializes In Serving Mini Dairy Plant

  • We offer milk processing equipment, technology, supplies and resources to enable dairy farmers to build businesses of the right size and sustainability. Our range of milk processing and cheese making equipment is designed for medium and Mini Dairy Plant.
    Jigme Food Machinery has more than decades of experience in the cheese manufacturing business and has developed and marketed machines worldwide. Our headquarters is located in Shanghai and is a city with very developed transportation and technology. As one of the most professional (new and used) dairy equipment suppliers in the dairy machinery industry, we have built a very effective reputation. Customers who have chosen our equipment are highly rated by us.
    We can develop a milk production line from 2.000 to 100.000 liters per day for the cheese making business and a milk production line for the production of yoghurt from 2000 liters to 30.000 liters per day (small business).
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    Milk pasteurizer:
    o Mobile milk pasteurization device
    Milk pasteurization
    Cheese production machine
    Yogurt production machine
    Cheese press and mold processor
    Important additional equipment is the CIP unit and the salting equipment.
    Customized Milk Production Line solutions according to customer requirements
    Jimei Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has customized professional solutions according to customer requirements and complies with international standards. All our machines are made of high quality stainless steel.
    Technical Support
    Thanks to our software, we can set up the machine directly from our office.