What Equipment Is Suitable For The Mini Dairy Plant?

  • From the point of view of modern production methods, the  Milk Production Line is usually divided into three steps: milk collection (completed on the farm), milk delivery (on the way), and milk processing (at the processing plant).
    The collection process includes milking equipment (manual or automatic, small hand-cranked milking machines, whether the pipeline is a milking system or a more advanced robotic milking machine), a milking parlour (fishbone shape, large turntable, etc.). ), milking temporary tank, need cooling system, filtration is necessary, milking when milking, preparation before milking, washing after milking.
    The emulsion tank is a triaxial stirrer for stable homogeneous emulsification and produces very small particles. The quality of the emulsification depends on how the particles are dispersed during the preparation stage. The smaller the particles, the weaker the tendency of surface aggregation and therefore less likely to be destroyed by emulsification. By means of reversed blade mixing, high quality emulsion mixing results are obtained under uniform turbine and vacuum conditions.
    The milk sterilization tank is made of stainless steel, the tank thickness is 3 mm, the pasteurization milk sterilization time can be controlled; the sterilization temperature also has an automatic temperature control device. The milk can has three layers, the innermost is the milk layer, the middle is the germicidal layer, and the outermost is the insulation layer. The water is heated and the sterilization effect is better. The stirring device above the milk tank can evenly heat the milk. Made from authentic milk, it tastes good and has high nutritional value.
    Milk processing equipment is widely used to determine the original formula of fresh milk, yogurt, goat milk, camel milk, juice, milk drinks and condiments. The small pasteurizer completely simulates the production state of an industrial pasteurizer, integrating heating, sterilization, emulsification and cooling. The equipment can be equipped with small aseptic fillers, glass bottles and compound bag filling machines as needed. This series of equipment is more suitable for use in Mini Dairy Plant