Preparation And Processing Of Pulp In Juice Processing Plant

  • Preparation and processing of pulp in Juice Processing Plant
    The raw materials from the pre-production warehouse are transferred to the dosing unit (called the sorting unit). The task of the sorting unit is to place the apple evenly onto a vertical screw feeder (called a lift). The sorting unit is designed to be individually adjustable depending on the capacity of the elevator and the floatable chute.
    Apples transported by feeders made of acid-resistant materials and plastics suitable for food are transferred to inspection conveyors or roller tables, and trained personnel perform inspections and reject non-compliant raw materials.
    The sorted material falls into the mill. Replaceable or adjustable mill components, such as knives, screens, press rolls, which adjust the quality of the raw materials and obtain optimum pulp parameters.
    The cutting line is controlled by a visual automation system and operated by a touch panel on the control cabinet.
    In the process of grinding the pulp using a diaphragm pump, an enzyme preparation that contributes to the effectiveness of the pressing process is added.
    In a technically sound case, the pulp from the mill is directed to the B & P engineering slurry tube heater. The pulp flows in the internal module tube and is heated by hot water to a set temperature.
    The pulp is then pumped into the pulp jar and taken to the next step in the production of juice and concentrate.
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