Jimei Welcomes The Consultation Of The Mini Dairy Plant

  • As a professional platform for dairy equipment, Jimei has many years of experience in the dairy industry. We work with hundreds of milk line manufacturers and suppliers who can provide customers with high quality milk processing line machinery. We can help you find a complete seasoning Milk Production Line.
    This line is used for the production or pasteurization of milk, yogurt, and dairy beverages. According to the customer's requirements, the supplier can design the production line capacity from 10t / day to 200t / day. Complete milk production lines include milk collection systems, sugar melting and mixing systems, sterilization systems, fermentation systems, filling and packaging systems, and water treatment systems. CIP cleaning system, cooling system, steam and air compressor system. and many more.
    We offer pre-sales services including the following
    Query and consultation support.
    Sample test support.
    Visit our factory.
    We provide after-sales service including the following
    Train how to install the machine and train how to use the machine.
    Engineers can repair machinery overseas.
    If you happen to have a Mini Dairy Plant and would like to know more about our brand information, please feel free to contact us.