Mini Dairy Plant Can Not Be Separated From Innovation

  • Dynamic markets like high-quality Mini Dairy Plant need to continue to grow. We are dealing with the future and are firmly rooted in our corporate strategy.
    Through innovation, we invest in the future and get the most out of our precious raw material, milk: in order to meet the needs of current and future customers, to achieve higher added value of profit growth, to pay reasonable prices for farmers' milk, And open up new directions for us.
    Our innovation process
    The innovation process is driven by a team of experts throughout the team. The networking of knowledge and skills plays a crucial role in research and development and in implementing innovation.
    We manage innovation in interdisciplinary organizations even at an early stage so that different corporate departments can participate in the innovation process. This process begins with the identification of relevant trends, continues to develop ideas, and implements them as innovations for further tracking.
    We strengthen our innovation capabilities by integrating external partners in the innovation process.
    We use innovative solutions to address global challenges to shape the future – for our company, our farmers, our customers and the consumers of our products.
    We innovate along the entire Milk Production Line value chain – this provides a vast area with great potential.
    Jimei is an innovative and qualified partner in the dairy industry: In addition to new products, Jimei's innovations include new business areas and models, new technologies, processes and optimization procedures, new materials for manufacturing and new packaging materials.