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  • Barrel pasteurization, also known as batch pasteurization or retention, heats each milk or cream at 145 °F (63 °C) for 30 minutes* in properly designed and operated equipment. If the dairy product has a fat content of 10% or higher, or a total solids content of 18% or higher, or if an added sweetener is included, the specified temperature should be increased by 5 °F (3 °C). VAT pasteurization helps eliminate all disease-causing bacteria and 90 - 99% of other bacteria that may affect product quality. Because of this, pasteurization is the most important function of the Mini Dairy Plant.
    How does VAT pasteurization work?

    Now that you know what barrel pasteurization is, it's time to understand how it works. In barrel pasteurization, it is necessary to heat the dairy product to 145 degrees Fahrenheit in the barrel. Butter granules and cream plugs may be present in the milk and cream. Stirring is necessary to achieve proper consistency and texture as well as rapid, uniform heating. Improper mixing can cause agitation.
    Operating VAT pasteurizer

    Finding the right balance of heating and agitation is important for efficient operation of barrel pasteurization equipment. If the heating temperature is too low, the temperature of the dairy product does not rise fast enough. If the heating temperature is too high, the dairy product may "cook" on the heated surface. The heating rate is affected by the ability of the agitator to keep the product moving to and away from the heated surface. However, just speeding up your blender doesn't necessarily give you the results you want. The agitator is designed for a specific speed and the high efficiency agitator may require a higher heating water temperature. If the heated surface is not balanced with the type and speed of the agitation, it may cause improper pasteurization.

    The barrel must remain closed during storage to prevent cooling during pasteurization. A suitable barrel pasteurization unit should have an air space heater that maintains air above the product at 145°F or above. The air space heater also ensures pasteurization of the milk droplets splashing on the sides of the bucket and the condensate inside the lid. The bottom and sides of the container must be insulated or jacketed to maintain proper temperature during holding.
    Do I need VAT pasteurization?

    A processing plant that processes less than 1,000 gallons per day can use a pasteurization tank as a storage tank. Standardization and addition of vitamin concentrates can be done in a barrel pasteurizer prior to heating.

    VAT pasteurization must be carried out at high temperatures for a long time. This is also the lowest cost option for pasteurization. It is usually used in small factories or small batch production due to temperature, time and cost.

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