China's Assembled Construction Industry Will Face Opportunities

  • At present, the development of foreign integrated house is changing to two aspects: first, with the industrialization of housing manufacturing, integrated house has moved from temporary buildings to buildings; Second, as the climax of large-scale construction has passed, the application scope of integrated house has expanded from temporary construction market to commercial, commercial and tourist villas. integrated house is increasingly used in office buildings, shops, laboratories, industrial plants, kindergartens, nursing homes, tourist villas, motels, hotels, restaurants and residential buildings.

    Since the reform and opening up, China's economy has developed at a high speed and large-scale urbanization is underway. This process will continue for 20 to 30 years. During this period, various industries in various fields are at a high stage of development. During the construction process of building a large number of buildings, structures, roads, bridges and transportation facilities and in the future use process, a large number of temporary buildings and their supporting facilities are needed. In addition, in industries that need field work and outdoor work for a long time, temporary houses meeting different requirements are needed during emergency needs, disaster relief, tourism and peak crowds during festivals.

    Therefore, various kinds of prefabricated homes china have emerged as the times require. With the progress of the times, the improvement of working conditions and the need to build a harmonious society, the state has high requirements for the improvement of temporary buildings, application and living conditions. As a temporary building, integrated house has been used in many engineering construction sites. At the same time, with the improvement of design and manufacturing level, integrated house has gradually improved, and integrated house's use concept has gradually been recognized by the society, and the usage rate has greatly increased.

    Therefore, China's integrated house has maintained strong market demand for a long time, and this process is expected to continue for a long time.

    At present, the domestic temporary construction industry varies from region to region. The market with great demand for integrated house is temporary construction in construction industry and urban rail transit construction sites, which are used for workers' dormitories, offices, canteens, warehouses, etc.

    At present, steel structure warehouse is used more and more. the usage of light steel structure composite houses in temporary houses built on the construction site of Beijing construction projects is increasing year by year, accounting for more than half of the total. Almost all the temporary buildings on the construction site of Shenzhen in Guangdong and the construction site of urban rail transit are light steel structure composite buildings.

    The demand for the above temporary buildings is large and increasing year by year. It is a considerable market, but quality accidents happen from time to time. In fact, for China's housing industrialization has not yet started, learning from international development experience and combining with various markets that China needs to guide, how to obtain development opportunities will be the challenges and opportunities that industry enterprises will face.

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