Solar Led Street Light have A Longer Life Expectancy

  • Solar led street light(CLASSIC) to use a fraction of the power required for an incandescent lamp, one-third less than a compact fluorescent lamp. The lower power consumption provides a better light mode for solar systems of the same size, which in turn reduces the cost of the poles that need to be installed.

    It can also use lower wattage lamps instead of higher wattage and less efficient lamps. For example, most signs use 150-200 watt incandescent lamps. However, we now usually use a 15-25 watt LED to illuminate most signs, sometimes even lower wattages. Like the ceiling light, we now use a range of 20 - 70 watts with LEDs instead of 150-400 watts.

    Longer life expectancy

    Solar energy lasts for more than 25 years. Why do you want to change the lights every few years? Metal halides, LPS, HPS, and even compact fluorescent lamps all need to be replaced frequently. LEDs offer a life expectancy of more than 20 years, making solar lighting systems virtually maintenance-free.

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