LED Public Lighting Is Revolutionizing Street And District Ligh

  • Led Public lighting(CLASSIC) technology is revolutionizing street and district lighting, saving 50%-60% or more, life expectancy, maintenance costs, and most importantly: improving lighting. Municipalities, national transportation departments, ports, prisons, etc. are turning to LED public lighting for streets, roads, parking lots, masts, bridges, tunnels, and general area lighting.

    The main advantage

    LED public lighting can save 50% to 60% energy

    LED public lighting reduces maintenance costs

    LED public lighting provides better lighting

    For New York City, installing new LED public lighting and wireless control systems can reduce energy consumption by 60% while improving lighting, safety and solving dark sky problems, which has good economic and commercial implications for New York City. In addition to saving a lot of energy and maintenance costs, the control system will enable us to further reduce costs by using a lower cost metering rate plan.

    If you are ready to upgrade to a more efficient lighting system, for more information, please click public lighting.