Cover Provided By Inline Closure

  • Cover Provided By Inline Closure

    The horizontal fiber optic splice box ( Inline Closure ) is made of high quality engineering plastics.

    Description of greentel inline closure: Fiber closure is a passive component that provides excellent protection for fiber splices. It can be assembled in the air, assembled in pipelines and buried in the ground.

    Greentel Inline Closure is designed for fiber optic connector protection in both straight-through and branch applications for antenna, pipe and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.

    GreenTel offers a variety of shapes for the Inline type of closure. All the closures we offer have good sealing properties. Whether the closure is in the air, in the pipeline or buried underground, high-quality plastic materials ensure durability.

    Key features of Greentel Inline Closure

    Suitable for ordinary fibers and ribbon fibers.
    Fully equipped with all components for easy operation.
    The splicing tray has an overlapping structure for easy installation.
    Fiber bending radium guarantees over 40 mm.
    Easy to install and re-enter with a common wrench.
    Excellent tamper-proof screw opening type, protecting fibers and joints for durability.
    Withstand harsh moisture, vibration and extreme temperatures.
    High quality plastic body material ensures durability
    Suitable for Φ8mm~Φ20mm cable
    Aerial, underground, pipeline, manhole, hand hole assembly
    Adapt to ambient temperature from -40 ° C to + 65 ° C
    Greentelftth welcomes you with different port types, accessories and different fiber core counts for horizontal fiber splice closures ( Inline Closure ).

    The information about Inline Closure :