Greening the city has become a top priority

  • Urban greening construction cannot be separated from the nutrition irrigation of boiled water. How to choose good quality irrigation hoses and nontoxic and tasteless garden pipes becomes an important link that cannot be ignored.

    With the gradual acceleration of urbanization, air pollution pm2.5 pollutants have become a part of our life. If we reduce these air carcinogens and avoid the harm of dust pollution to the body, the greening of the city becomes the top priority. The ground looks at the city and there are many tall buildings. Looking at the tall buildings from the air, the bare roof. If you look at it from a high place and can see green everywhere, I think your mood will be different.

    Taking Zhejiang as an example, according to the requirements of the greening construction meeting, three-dimensional greening includes vertical greening, roof greening, green wall, hanging greening, flower-trough greening, etc. Hangzhou will "borrow land" from roofs, walls, three-dimensional bridges, etc. in the future, thus forming a green landscape effect with a city full of green and everywhere.

    Greening also requires standards, among which the selection of irrigation hoses cannot be ignored. The selection of high quality garden hose has become the standard premise to ensure the survival rate of seedlings.

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