Expandable hoses have several advantages over traditional rubbe

  • You might be wondering if a heavy duty expanding hose is really worth the money. Well, they offer several great benefits over conventional rubber hoses. First, due to its lightweight design, a pocket hose is around 5 times lighter than a regular hose. This means that you don’t have to worry about lugging a heavy hose across your lawn anymore.

    Flexible garden hose also offer some other great benefits. They instantly expand up to 3 times their dry length when you turn on the water, meaning you can cover greater distances with less hose.

    And since they instantly expand once water pressure is introduced, you don’t have to worry about kinks or knots in your line anymore, saving you time and energy. And since pocket hoses self-drain and coil up when you turn the water off, they’re much easier to stow away when you’re done using them. Heavy duty expanding hoses can do anything that a regular rubber hose can do.

    This means you can water the plants or the lawn, wash the car or the boat, spray the patio or your windows down, or supply water to any home improvement projects with these flexible hoses as opposed to traditional hoses. But since a pocket hose is lighter, more flexible, and easier to store than a rubber one, it’s easy to see why millions of homeowners have purchased a flexible garden hose.

    Expert Tip:

    When you first use your new expandable hose, it’s important to stretch it out prior to use. With the shut-off valve closed, fill the hose with water and let it expand to its full length. Then release the water and let the hose self-drain. Then repeat these steps once more. By doing this you’ll stretch out the hose, check for any possible defects or leaks, and ensure optimal performance.

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