Expandable garden hose is long and has good fluidity

  • When it's time to water your yard, does your hose drive you crazy? It's heavy. It gets tangled. It's hard to move. Now there are several new design expandable hose that sound like they make watering your garden a snap.

    Consumer test results indicate: They are a lot lighter than a regular hose.Next, measured the length, flow rate, and water volume, comparing the results with regular garden hoses. Their length increased by three times, as claimed. And their flow was good, just like a regular hose.

    To use one with a sprinkler, you need to turn on the water before you put the sprinkler in place. When you turn the water off, the hose will contract, and it may pull the sprinkler through your garden.

    Traditional hoses always seem to kink. But the Gao-zhan high quality garden hose couldn't kink if you wanted it to. Consumer Reports also folded, twisted, and even knotted all three expandable hoses! No matter what, the water kept flowing. And after the water drained out, all three shrank back to their original size as promised.

    It is worth noting that, with any of the expandable hoses, be aware holes cannot be patched, so be careful with the outer covering.

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