Development Characteristics of Garden tool Market

  • The Development Characteristics of Garden tool Market:

    1. Horticultural design and construction services have developed rapidly and their proportion in the horticultural industry chain has gradually increased.

    In the past few decades, most of the consumption in the horticultural industry was in Garden tool. After the 1990s, with the popularity of dual-worker families, people were not able to decorate gardens by themselves. Thus, the horticultural design industry, which includes design, installation and subsequent maintenance, began to emerge. At the same time, in the face of the advent of high-tech products such as composters, rain collectors and solar lawn lamp, the professional transformation of gardens has made them more environmentally friendly and more in line with modern people's life philosophy and has become another driving force for the development of horticultural services.

    2. Horticultural industry chain is complete. Garden tool is the main consumption type

    Foreign mature markets have a complete horticultural industry chain covering services such as horticultural crop cultivation, research and development, design, production and sales in Garden tool, as well as horticultural scheme design and follow-up maintenance. Consumers can easily buy satisfactory Garden tool from local retail stores or gardencenter or large-scale merchants and obtain professional gardening services. From the perspective of consumption type, Garden tool contains tens of thousands of varieties of hand tools, machinery, irrigation, decoration and other types of products, which are the main consumer varieties in the horticultural industry chain.

    3. Garden tool and all links of the horticultural industry chain influence each other

    Judging from Upstream and downstream industry chain, the development of Garden tool is not independent of the horticultural industry chain. On the one hand, perfect horticultural services can encourage customers to consume Garden tool and make horticultural life better. On the other hand, Garden tool's consumption has personalized characteristics. These personalized needs can drive Garden tool's technological transformation and research and development, and thus affect other links in the industrial chain. For example, people's increasing awareness of environmental protection has prompted the advent of environmental protection high-tech products, thus promoting the subsequent development of related professional horticultural services.

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