How To Convert To Sheet Metal Parts In Solidworks

  • Designing Sheet Metal Parts from scratch in SOLIDWORKS can be a time-consuming and frustrating process, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are two methods that will help improve your efficiency.
        Create the sheet metal part as a Solid Body in SOLIDWORKS.
        Convert to Sheet Metal. This will make some of the more complex geometries easier to create and control.
    Once you have a Solid Body in the shape that you want, there are a couple of ways to convert it into Sheet Metal. The method you choose will depend on the state of the Solid Body and the features you want in the Feature Tree.
        Method 1: Use the Convert to Sheet Metal tool
        Method 2: Insert Rips and Bends into the part
    Keep in mind that these techniques will work just as well for imported Bodies as they will for native SOLIDWORKS files. This allows you to be more flexible when you’re working with an engineering team.
    Where is the Sheet Metal tool in SOLIDWORKS?
    The Sheet Metal tool in SOLIDWORKS is located in the Sheet Metal toolbar and drop-down menu. Using this tool is an all-in-one approach to transforming a Solid Body into sheet metal. This approach will work for any Solid Body you have, Introduced imported Bodies made in other systems.