The Screw Elevator Structure Is Simple

  • As our living conditions have become better and better, everyone has a better environment in terms of housing, so the elevator industry has also ushered in a better development. With the development of the industry, the types of elevators have become more and more abundant. Today we will introduce the characteristics and installation of the screw elevator by our otes elevator.

    1. Low civil engineering requirements
    The برغي مصعد has its own integrated steel structure shaft, which can be installed without the need for a civil well. As long as the stairs in the home are three-run stairs or circular stairs, there is enough space in the middle of the stairs, you can complete the installation of the elevator without any civil work.

    2. Simple structure, flexible and convenient
    The screw elevator has no bottom pit, not only can be installed in the villa, but also can be installed in the high-rise duplex building, which can not dig the pit; the top height requirement is low, and the top half-height door of 1.1 meters high can be made; the integrated hoistway is provided. It can be easily and flexibly installed in a vertical through space; the structure is simple, and the installation can be completed in 4-5 working days, and the maintenance and maintenance are also very convenient.

    3, the height is limited
    Due to the unique mechanical structure, the lifting height of the screw elevator is less than 15 meters, and the general villa home environment is within 6 floors, so the lifting height of the screw elevator can just meet the requirements.

    4. The running speed is slow
    The state stipulates that the operating speed of household elevators should be within 0.4m/s, and the operating speed of general screw elevators is between 0.15m/s and 0.3m/s. Such speed can meet the needs of households and related regulations.