What Are The Requirements for Dustbin Mould Steel Materials?

  • Due to the high precision and relatively complicated production and processing process required for the manufacture and processing of the Dustbin Mould(FURNITUREMOULD), the production cost of the dustbin mould is usually relatively high. Dustbin mould manufacturers hope that the service life of the mould will be longer and the requirements for the use, maintenance and maintenance of the mould will be higher so as to maintain the working accuracy and prolong the service life. Reasonable selection of mould materials for dustbin is also an important condition for prolonging the service life of the mould. The selection of materials for making the dustbin mould must meet the following requirements:

    1. Die steel for dustbin must have good processing performance. When working under high temperature and heat treatment, the deformation should be small.

    2. The flow path of molten material in the mould cavity of the dustbin should be smaller in response to the negative force of material flow, so the surface roughness of the working surface should be reduced. Steel should have good polishing performance and there should be no impurities in the material. No pores.

    3. Excellent wear resistance. In order to maintain the dimensional accuracy of the dustbin mould structure for a long time, it is necessary to wear the working surface of the mould after moulding. In particular, when the raw materials used for processing and forming products contain glass fiber type hard fillers, wear on the working surface of the mould can be accelerated. For this kind of mould, it must have sufficient hardness and wear resistance.

    4. Good corrosion performance. In the process of plastic melt moulding production, plastic raw materials and some auxiliary materials must contact with steel and have certain chemical corrosion effect on steel. In order to maintain the good corrosion resistance of the dustbin mould, corrosion resistant alloy steel or high quality carbon steel must be selected. When necessary, the surface shall be chrome plated or nickel plated.

    5. Steel should have enough working strength. In addition to having a certain hardness after surface heat treatment, the selected steel should also have sufficient core strength, because the dustbin mould is subject to large injection pressure and clamping force, so the core of the steel for the mould must be considered.

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