Wear Resistant Castings With Built-In Firewall

  • Wear Resistant Castings With Built-In Firewall


    Through spectrometer analysis and automated spheroidization testing, the foundry inspects the quality of the cast material in accordance with ASTM specifications prior to casting Wear Resistant Castings . With the internal Brinell hardness test, we can also verify material hardness for specific applications. Using recyclable sand molds, we produce custom sand castings up to 28 inches in length, 28 inches in width and 14 inches in height. The quality of the mold sand can be controlled using the Hartley sand control system. The parts we produce are highly forged with a shell, and isocure sand as well as a coreless part.


    Our casting capabilities include steel castings, cast iron parts, nickel castings, copper castings, special alloy castings, ferroalloy castings, wear-resistant castings, corrosion-resistant castings, corrosion-resistant steel castings and corrosion-resistant cast iron parts.


    To store custom patterns, we maintain a separate storage facility with built-in firewall panels and sprinkler systems. Our green sand forming equipment also includes the Rota-lift molding machine. All melting was carried out in two 4,000-pound coreless induction furnaces. After cooling, we process the castings in a clean room with a grinding station and rotary jetting equipment.


    For excellent wear resistance, our ALLOY 177 is a cast iron chrome that has a Brinell hardness of at least 700 after full heat treatment, which results in extremely high toughness.


    Our DIAWOLF? Composite casting tungsten carbide and steel or high alloy iron are designed for the most aggressive wear applications.