The Water Filters Manufacturer Teaches You How to Solve The Pro

  • The low water pressure of the tap water is an important cause of the small water discharge from the water filter. Especially in the evening and weekend water peaks, the water flow is smaller, it takes ten minutes to wash rice and rice, and the water filter can not be used normally. So how to solve this problem, please see the answer given by the Water Filters Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC)

    Due to the aging of the water pipe and the long supply of water in the high-rise tap water pipe, the water pressure of the tap water is insufficient. By adding a booster pump to the water filter, the best solution to the problem of small water discharge from the water filter can be solved.

    At present, most water filters are pumpless, and the filter is pushed by tap water pressure, or the water pump power is small. When the water pressure is insufficient, the water purification effect is not satisfactory. The installation sequence of the booster pump is: water inlet (water source) - water filter booster pump - water filter.

    The booster pump can be placed directly in the kitchen cabinet or wall mounted on the wall. The water inlet is connected to the water source two-point PE pipe, and the water outlet is connected to the water filter two-point PE pipe, and the power can be used when the power is turned on.

    The water filter pump generally includes a booster pump and a self-priming pump, which are suitable for high water level and low water level scenarios, respectively, and different pumps are required for different scenarios. But this also caused confusion for consumers, do not know which pump to buy.

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