High-quality Water Purifier Spare Parts Allow You to Drink Heal

  • At present, there are too many types of household water purifiers in the Chinese market and their quality is uneven. Take different filter materials, for example, they can be divided into PPcotton water purifier, granular activated carbon water purifier, ultrafiltration membrane water purifier, reverse osmosis membrane water purifier, etc. For consumers who do not know much about water purifier knowledge, the choice is indeed somewhat difficult. In order to enable consumers to choose to obtain direct drinking water purification, the water purifier manufacturer will now introduce the characteristics of these filter elements. I believe that after consumers understand and make a reasonable comparison, they will definitely get a result.

    1. PPcotton water purifier: It can filter rust and silt with relatively large particles. The filtered water cannot be drunk directly.

    2. Activated carbon water purifier: It can adsorb residual chlorine and organic matters in water, and direct drinking of filtered water is not recommended.

    3. Ultrafiltration water purifier: Ultrafiltration water purifier can effectively filter out silt, dirt, rust and other impurities in water, and can also retain minerals and trace elements needed by the human body. It can meet all-round requirements of the household for washing vegetables, cooking soup, cooking, washing face, washing clothes and bathing, and can reach the standard of direct drinking.

    4. Reverse osmosis membrane: it can filter harmful substances in water such as heavy metal ions, bacteria, and viruses, volatile organic compounds, etc. to obtain pure water, which can, of course, be drunk directly. But there is one thing to remind consumers, pure water has no nutrition, long-term drinking will only harm people's health, especially for children and the elderly.

    After watching, everyone should know that to drink straight drinking water, one must choose a water purifier, and it must also be a high-quality Water Purifier Spare Parts(KOKOELECTRIC).

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