Yihui Bolt Factory Has A Large Output

  • Haiyan Yihui Bolt Factory a professional manufacturer specializing in research, production and sales of fasteners such as screws / nuts for 18 years. For 18 years, we have been adhering to the service concept of "connecting you and me", and have won many customers' recognition and praise.

    The workshop covers an area of ​​more than 6000 square meters. In recent years, it has continuously introduced advanced professional production equipment, which can more professionally produce independent brands including GB, DIN, IFI, JIS, and non-standard requirements of customers. The main products are: self-tapping screws, wallboard nails (drywall nails), combination screws, nuts and flats, etc., which can be produced according to different customer requirements. Our screws are commonly used in furniture, electronics, electrical appliances, luggage, machinery, automobiles Fields and other industries. Customers across the country.

    In order to ensure that every screw going out of Yihui gets the highest quality requirements, the company uses 8 major production links, 4 major quality inspection procedures, and advanced quality testing instruments to ensure the full quality from the procurement of raw materials to the production of finished products. Control. Achieve zero quality issues.

    In Huadu, Yihui screws produce more self-tapping screws than other manufacturers. Yihui has a complete and mature production line with a monthly production capacity of 300 tons.

    I believe Yihui is your best choice!