How To Save Energy In Elevator Lift

  • Many people think that the Elevator Lift consumes a lot of electricity, but it can still be used to evaluate the energy-saving effect before using it. How to evaluate the energy-saving effect of the elevator? Then the elevator elevator manufacturer came to introduce the assessment of the elevator elevator, let's take a look.

    Elevator elevators have become the standard configuration for many homes. The elevator elevators have a service life of at least 20 years. Then energy consumption has become the primary problem. How do we view the energy-saving effect of elevators? How should the elevator elevator energy-saving effect be assessed?

    The assessment of energy-saving elevator registration can be similar to that of household appliances using five-level system, or AAA, AA, A, B, C five-level system. If the AC two-speed elevator is C-class, then the worm VVVF elevator can be Class B, and the permanent-magnet synchronous host power is smaller than the worm-worm main engine, so the VVVF elevator with permanent magnet synchronous host can be listed in the A-class. To get an AA-rated elevator, you must be able to save more energy than an elevator with a permanent magnet synchronous motor. The AAA-class elevator is the world's most advanced elevator technology with advanced energy-saving technologies.

    However, at present, household energy-saving elevators still face great challenges. For elevators of the same tonnage, elevators equipped with energy feedback devices will probably be about 10% higher than ordinary elevators, even if they can save this part of the cost through energy saving. However, the developer is not willing to bear the cost of the cost, because the purchase and installation cost of the elevator must be accumulated to the overall cost of building the house, and the operating cost of the elevator will be paid by the future owner, so the developer promotes the energy feedback device. The enthusiasm of the energy-saving elevator is not high.

    Since the charging standards for public maintenance funds and properties are generally determined when they are handed over to the owners, and the electricity consumption of elevator elevators only accounts for a part of the electricity consumption of all equipment in the building, the elevators after the installation of energy feedback devices are short-term. It will not reflect obvious energy-saving economic benefits, and the cost recovery time is longer. The industry that is preparing to install energy-efficient elevators is mainly prepared.

    The above is the method for assessing the energy saving effect of elevator elevators, and I hope to help you. Through the above introduction, I believe that everyone has an understanding of the energy-saving effect of elevator elevators.