Seawater ornamental fish have higher requirements on water temp

  • Today we will talk about foam separator in acrylic fish tank:

    Definition of foam separator: it uses the principle that the surface of bubbles in water can adsorb various granular dirt and soluble organic matters mixed in water, and adopts oxygenation equipment or vortex pump to generate a large number of bubbles to purify seawater passing through egg-door separator. These bubbles are all concentrated on the water surface to form foam. When the foam is collected in a container on the water surface, it will become yellow liquid and then be removed. The protein separator can effectively remove organic particles, proteins, harmful metal ions and the like in acrylic fish tank water, and the water quality purification effect is good.

    Seawater is two kinds of water quality completely different from fresh water. It is not only manifested in the different chemical characteristics of water, but also in the difference between dynamic and static. The sea ebbs and flows endlessly. It is very difficult for seawater ornamental fish to live in fresh water, and it is also very difficult for freshwater ornamental fish to live in seawater. Therefore, the premise of raising seawater ornamental fish is to fully understand the characteristics of seawater.

    Seawater ornamental fish require higher water temperature than freshwater tropical fish. They are very sensitive to changes in water temperature and can adapt to a narrow range of temperature changes. The water temperature of natural seawater is mostly 25-28℃, and the daily temperature difference of water temperature varies little. The seawater temperature in the aquarium should be controlled at 27-28℃, and the daily temperature difference of the water temperature should be controlled at about 1℃. In the aquarium of seawater ornamental fish, living corals, sea anemones and other invertebrates are raised at the same time. Their growth water temperature is 26-30℃. If the water temperature is higher than 30℃, the life of invertebrates will be affected. If the water temperature is lower than 25℃, the vitality of invertebrates will be weakened, which will also affect the health of seawater ornamental fish. Therefore, the stability of seawater temperature is the premise for raising seawater ornamental fish.

    However, foam separators are also commonly used in mariculture, which can purify impurities in seawater and enable fish to have a healthy growth environment in acrylic fish tanks.

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