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  • Just saying... Treeline is possibly the best coffee spot in Bozeman, MT. Coming from a serious coffee snob.
    Last post by AnnaBanana - October 17
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  • We are having a SCAVENGER HUNT!!! CLUE 1: A Bozeman cafe known for their live music and delicious coffee. Think you know where this is? Find our stickers in this cafe, ta...  more
    Last post by AnnaBanana - October 17
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  • Finally went to Five Guys Burgers last night, and it was sooo delicious!  I wondered if the peanuts were help yourself?  
    Last post by ocdmonica - September 28
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  • Last post by ocdmonica - September 21
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  • Compass Cafe is a new cafe to Big Sky that combines art, local food and really good coffee.  While we couldn't help but notice the perfectly curated decor, it was the deliciou...  more
    Last post by meatstick - September 26
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  • It might be a bit cold to go out and enjoy Map Brewery this week but I went to dinner there the other night with some friends and loved it! I will say I wasn't a huge fan of having...  more
    Last post by AnnaBanana - September 19
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  • Ok so Jam! has amazing food.  I got a relatively plain burger, but my friend got some super good breakfast food at noon. A win win if you ask me :) 
    Last post by AnnaBanana - August 29
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  • JAM

    Went to Jam this past weekend for the first time (I don't know why it took me so long!).  It was deliciuos.  Can't wait to go back and try the breakfast items. Has anyone...  more
    Last post by MCdawg - August 29
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  • I'm so impressed with Bozeman's restaurants so far. Tried this one yesterday and can't say enough good things!
    Last post by GrizGirl - September 8
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  • I'm new to the area and I just had to share the cutest place I found over the weekend! It's called Stuffed in right downtown Bozeman.They are a crepe and waffle restauran...  more
    Last post by Crossfitter406 - August 23
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  • Name your top favorite taco busses in Montana:1. El Rodeo - you know a place is legit when there's a 8 year old taking your money2.  That taco bus in Dillon - you know which o...  more
    Last post by MCdawg - September 19
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  • Hello! I am looking for the best ice cream store in Bozeman? I'm new to town and love finding homemade local stores. Thanks!
    Last post by Sneakers - August 21
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  • Found some huckleberries on the trail the other day.  Anyone have any good recipes?
    Last post by Engine8KC - July 17
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  • I'm looking for the best breweries to visit while in Bozeman. Any suggestions? #FTC
    Last post by MeoWWW - September 20
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  • Anyone been out hunting for morels?  Post pics of your haul here!!
    Last post by Sneakers - May 16
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