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  • I feel like I've been living in a hole! Their is just so much going on in Bozeman! I just heard about this from a friend. I grew up LOVING the show. I even had my parents stop at t...  more
    Last post by June81 - Wed at 11:47 AM
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  • I just saw the Standing Rock exibit at MOR and it was so powerfull. I could not help but feel sad about how those people were treated by our government. I highly recommend it to an...  more
    Last post by June81 - Tue at 11:16 AM
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  • I've recently been going and seeing the films at the Ellen Thater in downtown Bozeman and thought I would say they have an amazing MountainFilm Tour scheduled for December 13th at 7pm.
    Last post by meatstick - December 5
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  • This exhibit is amazing, heartbreaking and powerful. I invite anyone who hasen't seen it to go while its here!  
    Last post by Gen21 - November 13
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  • So excited to see this in a theater! Mel Brooks is the best. Gene Wilder kills me in this. Anyone ever seen a show at Shane Lalani Center for the Arts?
    Last post by Woody - November 10
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  • Need some suggestions on where to sign up an 8 year old for drawing classes preferably in the Bozeman area?
    Last post by KJordan206 - November 23
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  • anyone made it here yet? ...  more
    Last post by MissKittyKat - November 10
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  • Has anyone ever attended an event the Emerson center hosts? I've heard mixed reviews and I wondered if anyone else has tried an event.
    Last post by MeoWWW - November 10
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  • Wookie fest in da woods....Who's comin with?
    Last post by meatstick - November 10
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  • Talk about global warming! Montana’s gonna be on fire July 29 when Lucinda Williams headlines Red Ants Pants Festival - saw LuLu in ...  more
    Last post by Julieh - November 23
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  • I'm organizing a family reunion this July.  Are there any Montana music festivals geared towards families? We have a wide range of ages from 3 to 87 years old. Oh, and we...  more
    Last post by trailboss - November 10
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