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Inline Closure Material

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    Inline Closure Material

    Fiber optic closure is a passive component that provides excellent protection for fiber optic splices. It can be assembled in the air, assembled in pipelines and buried in the ground. Inland closure is also known as horizontal closure. Both input and output are on both sides. Inline Closure is more suitable for backbone applications. GreenTel offers inland closures in a variety of shapes. All the closures we offer have good sealing properties. Whether the closure is in the air, in the pipeline or buried underground, high quality ABS material also ensures durability.

    The body of the closure consists of two half shells made of plastic that resist all environmental influences. The cross-section of the half-shell is sealed with a usable silicon ring. The closure system is made up of an integral hinge on one side and five tensioners made of stainless steel and plastic on the other side. The tensioner can be closed by hand by turning it with a screwdriver. To prevent unauthorized access, the fixture can be attached to the clip as an option. The rotatable inlet on each end face of the closure accommodates the largest outer diameter cable. 21 mm. The cable entry is located between the cable entry wedges of the lower half of the housing. The interaction between the cable, the wedge and the enclosure is achieved by a mature gasket. Therefore, it is also possible to install an uncut cable. Use 4 cable entry kits (optional), including multiple strain gauges and one filler, each cable entry can accommodate up to four cables up to 8 mm in diameter. Alternatively, a closure with a sealing wedge can be used, each wedge containing a port with a compression fitting. These ports simplify the installation of branch cables for future needs. The cable jacket and center member are locked in the lower half of the housing by clamps to relieve pressure. The same fixture provides electrical through and external ground if required. The sealability of the lid can be quickly tested by using an optional leak tester.

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